#BeingBasic: We're 'totes' into it!

Diamonds are a girl’s best… Wait, scratch that – we definitely mean tote bags are a girl’s best friend!

Here’s the low-down on why we think you need a tote in your life right now without the use of those cheesy “Tote” metaphors - well, we’ll try – we totes promise (Oops! Well, we did say we’ll try).

First of all, we’ll get down to basics. What makes a tote a tote? They’re usually on the medium to large side of the size scale when it comes to handbags and their handles make sure that the bag sits closely against you or elegantly in the crook of the arm. What really differentiates them is that open top and open main compartment. It’s chill. We’re not telling you to just shove all your belongings into this bag. We’re just saying that if you want to, you totally can.

The die-hard of any handbag-donning individual boils down to that existentialist question that could possibly change the way we see life – okay, maybe that’s a bit drastic but you have to admit it definitely dictates our convenience during the day or night.
The question, ladies and gentlemen, is – Will it fit?

Between those hard days of work when your bag doubles up as a laptop satchel/lipstick-bearer and sanity keeper – the tote fits all of these purposes which gives it a rise above its shopper bag counterpart.

Cleverly honest – also known as your “carry-all”, depending on the style of the tote bag you choose to accompany your style personality, it can be used to elegantly dress up your mood or to casually soften that “I’m just popping out for a bit” look.

Branching out over the years with its much sought-after popularity, it has gained traction through its versatility of being tweaked to fit any occasion. Adding on elements such as tassels, zips, the occasional rebel denim patch (we don’t judge your fashion statement here – it’s a safe “space” – ha! Get it? Good. Carry on), or taking it to the point of furnishing your look with a simple tote canvas which has seen to be standing the test of time.

We would love to tell you that a tote could be paired with a date night outfit you’ve been nervously planning the entire week, a work meeting you need to bring that creative yet magnetic confidence we hope to assume or to boost your outer glam within a circle of catty friends.

The answer to our nerve wrecking question of “Will it fit?” is simple – Yes. It will. Depending on your lifestyle, your perfect tote is just a click away! So, what’s your perfect fit?

Sorry our sale is closed but keep a look out for the next one