Reboot this season: Thigh-high Vs. OTK


Thigh-High and Over-The-Knee

With the winter chill on its way, you’ve been tempted by that bold and audacious look that the higher boot brings! We don’t blame you. They’re sophisticated, sleek and yeah, they definitely up the sexiness factor tenfold. You’re probably also thinking that a pair could vamp up almost any evening or daytime look that your wardrobe can offer.

And oh yes, yes they can and they will! The reason we’re addressing this, though, is because we know of your doubts and we’re here to give you that nudge that says, “Go on, and let sultry sophistication become you”.
Let’s clear up those doubts, then, shall we…


Thigh-High or Over-The-Knee?

Without beating around a proverbial bush, both these types extend above the knee. Logical, right? Still, in fashion, we just feel the need to label them according to how high they really go.

Over-The-Knee (OTK) boots cover, or partially cover, the knee in most cases. Thigh-highs, on the other hand, extend up the thigh, some even to the curve of the butt. Saucy, isn’t it? Remember, this isn’t a hard and fast science, guys, but you get the general idea.


The Up and Down of It

It’s time for a few tips and pointers – because we really don’t want things to go awry for you when you first wear a boot that’s capable of such a statement. It’s all about balance; that fine line between heart-stopping sophistication with a racy allure and looking a little… well. From here on, we’re just assuming that racy, alluring sophistication is what you’re looking for.

Rock that OTK pair of boots with almost any look – they bring a streamlined effect to your silhouette and a powerful, yet chic allure to your entire being in general. We love chic and powerful, and things become even more exciting when you throw streamlined into the mix.

Our favourite pairing comes in the form of the OTK boot and dress/skirt combo! This is where femininity goes super vogue, our eyes glaze over and we weep at the beauty we’ve been honoured with. Yes, dramatic, but if you’d rather live a boring life, go ahead. 

Wear your skirt or dress just a few inches above the thigh for a subtly flirtatious aesthetic, but careful – avoid wearing a dress or skirt that comes to, or below your kneecap with this kind of boot. Everything just begins to look a little weird then and it’s disconcerting, to say the least.

Because of the sliver of skin that the OTK boot and dress/skirt combination exposes, balance out the rest of your clothing with something that’s offers a little coverage. Or, for the colder days, downplay the boots’ bold aesthetic by topping your look with a coat for whimsical charm.

With those racy thigh-highs, you’ve got options, too! They’re not just meant for turning it up on a Saturday night, you know. Just like with OTKs, bring a little whimsy and find that balance by topping your thigh-high aesthetic off with a coat over a shorter dress.

And remember, it’s not all about showing that sliver of skin – the wearer of these boots can wield power like never felt before. Start a revolution in the corporate arena and dress the part, being sure to wear a pair of thigh-highs with a skirt that reaches the knee and a fresh blouse.

Above all, for that fun and flirtatious look with an edgy side, rock thigh-highs with a mini skirt, revealing just an inch or two of leg. Everyone loves a tease, don’t they? Here’s another idea – team that mini skirt with a sheer, but dark, pair of tights for a punk rock twist.

If you really want to leave an onlooker/admirer with cardiac arrest, wear thigh-highs (stiletto or block-heels, depending on how much time you see yourself on your feet) with a short, body-hugging dress.

Remember that thigh-highs and OTKs are an effective and sleek jazzer-upper. And by that, we mean that they make anything look fabulous. So, even if you don’t want to get out of that pair of skinnies that fit so well, or those comfy tights or leggings, get into a pair of these boots and level up considerably.

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