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The Court Shoe: A Glimpse into the Life of an Icon

You’ll only really understand what someone goes through when you’ve walked a day in their shoes. Similarly, the ever-chic court shoe came from obscure beginnings – The F Word takes a look at the history of this pair and how it became the iconic essential that it is today when you click here. We check out the possibilities of this iconic silhouette and showcase the variety of heels and trim that make each one different, yet bound by a common, elegant soul.

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Strutting and Slaying

The months are getting cooler and the weather calls for our favourite time of year – boot season! There’s nothing like pulling our staples out of the wardrobe to vamp up our favourite looks and layers. This season, something’s a little different, as ankle boots steal the spotlight and bring the hottest looks to our autumn/winter ensembles! From Victorian to Cowboy, we talk about the style options and varieties for boots this season.

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Printed Potential

Tracing back the beginnings of the scarf that always seemed to be present, The F Word looks in to how this item of clothing evolved over the years. What made a piece of cloth the essential accessory that it is? Explore various methods of wearing and tying a scarf, from minimal effort to some concentration required. Check out the endless possibility that the scarf affords, as celebs exhibit!

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Fawning Over Floral

Floral isn’t a recent trend. It’s been around for ages, but chooses to dominate the scene now and again. We take a quick peek into its history and what made it become such an accessible look to achieve. Which celebs, including royalty, have been seen donning a floral aesthetic? Which brands took the look from the catwalk and brought it to retail? Floral can take many forms, so we explore its range of possibilities and our favourite iterations of the look! Learn how best to rock floral, from complete looks to bringing it to your ensemble by accessorising when you click here.

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The Perfect Cookery

What happens in the kitchen affects the rest of the household – after all, that’s where the food comes from! We look into the most stylish and useful accessories used for preparing and serving food in a contemporary kitchen, as well as what makes them so distinct. From breakfast to having guests over, we showcase the hottest in kitchen accessories that make the home that much more chic and warm, while finding out more about that special blend of practicality and aesthetics. Click here to read the latest edition of the 'F Word' at your favourite online store

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