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Time to reconsider that idea that backpacks are only meant for schoolchildren, because you’re in for quite the surprise! Nostalgia appears to have won hearts and influenced style guides and trends – the backpack has caught on and is gaining noticeable traction in look books.

There’s just something enticing about a backpack. Maybe it’s that very nostalgia, the carefree fun of childhood that gives us the fondness for the backpack. Or, maybe it’s the practicality of carrying your necessities on your back rather than lugging them on your arm. Either way, we love the fact that the backpack has made a return!

Time brings wisdom and refinement (not all of us are that fortunate, but you understand what we’re getting at). Fashion illustrates this spectacularly, nipping and tucking certain looks, reinventing them, and giving them a fresh update with their old-school soul!  


How’d We Get Here Again?

So, backpacks that were meant to carry notebooks, pencil cases and Pokemon cards in the 90s are now carrying... well, a notebook of the laptop kind (or a tablet), makeup cases, and maybe a few prescription meds or cigarettes. We don’t know – to each their own!
There’s no denying that backpacks have made a huge resurgence since 2017, though, has now become the biggest bag trend of the year! 

The practical, functional backpack’s style potential was noticed by brands like Herschel – they took the functional bag and reinvented it, tweaking it to look so much more than just a carry-all. Suddenly, people wanted to wear them.

Mini backpacks emerged and we couldn’t help but love those, too. Luis Vuitton and Chloe showcased them as part of their looks, and the backpack created a stir, in more diminutive form, across catwalks during fashion week. Mini or full-sized, a cool backpack officially has got celebs slinging one over their shoulders, too. Celebs, like Gigi Hadid and Zendaya, were spotted roaming the streets with backpacks – suddenly, practical became on point and everyone wants a backpack.

When the fashion world picks up on something, that creative spirit can yield some interesting, gorgeous, or eyebrow-raising results. The backpack trend helped to create the convertible backpack – basically, this is a small bag which is both backpack and crossbody bag. The market loved it, and we’ve got to say, there’s a charm there that’s unlike anything we’ve been used to.

There’s a Reason We Continue to Love Them

We’ve always got so much to lug around, you know. Whether it’s to university or to work, we’re carrying our smart phone, tablet, cash and cards, keys, make-up, vape mods... you know, necessities. The backpack answers the question of how we keep these easily accessible and also safe and secure.

We owe it, then, to contemporary designers who have picked up on this trend – practicality and fab looks have united, inspired by nostalgia, and our lives are better off for it!
Everything’s more accessible with a backpack – We know you won’t always go for the two-shouldered look, but it does give you the hands-free option, so that you can use your phone while on a brisk walk to class from the parking lot. The backpack’s multiple pockets keep everything organised, too (that depends on you, ultimately, we guess).

There’s also a stunning range of styles, so you’re sorted for whatever you context you need the backpack for. Choose from traditional nylon backpacks, to canvas, and even cotton – the latter two provide an edge to the look which lets you work it with more formal looks.

Just have fun with it! Enjoy eclectic and clash those styles. You could match a printed bag with white jeans, pastel crop-top and short jacket for a feminine look. On the other hand, black skinny jeans, a black printed tee and leather jacket with striking geometric print creates something very different. Remember, it’s all about living and making memories. That’s always best done while looking downright gorgeous and being prepared with a backpack full of necessities (like make-up and chocolate).



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