Fawning Over Floral

Build Me Up, Buttercup!

Floral prints have ebbed and flowed in the history of fashion. They’ve always been there, in fact, but they’re really announcing themselves this season! Floral prints are blossoming everywhere, from dresses and skirts to every kind of accessory. But what made them conquer the season and our senses, springing up and brightening our lives at every turn?

Jumping more than a few seasons back in fashion (and by this, we mean a few centuries in the past), floral fabrics were a big hit among the Japanese, Chinese, and Indians. Eventually, those floral fabrics made their way to Europe where they were prized – coveted, even! And so, the floral exchange began, and the seed was planted.

Anyways, eventually, as the Industrial Revolution began to chug along, fabric printing became all that much easier, and complex floral prints that only master craftsmen were able to create, could now be replicated much more easily!

Who Planted the Seed?

That really took off in the 1920s, so it seems we’ve turned full circle, just shy of 100 years later! 2017 was when florals hit the catwalks and grew on everybody! You’ve probably noticed oversized florals taking over coats, while floral embroidery patterns appeared on boots à la Gucci. But don’t you ever think, even for a moment, that everything in-between can’t be floral, either!

Hot off the catwalks, the vibe was all over – Priyanka Chopra was seen in New York City, wearing a floral print ensemble by Brock Collection, while Meghan Markle went boho-chic in a blue floral print gown by Oscar de la Renta. Emmy Rossum, wore a solid black top to contrast her black-and-white floral trousers, while letting her handbag bring the colour. Retail was quick to follow, as H&M, Witchery, and Poetry began to bring out floral print across the board.

Here’s the thing, though, these floral looks aren’t only the springtime, jovial prints that you might be thinking of, featuring palm leaves and general tropical inspiration – many of them took intricate baroque forms and also featured, darker, more brooding forms of floral. So, whatever your hashtag mood, you’ve got every reason to rock floral!

 Blooming Bold

At Planet54.com, we’ve taken a shine to the bolder, punchier iterations of floral. Floral prints that provide that colour pop are what gets our hearts racing. Colourful flower prints with a mod spin make for the hottest jumpsuits and summer, knee-length dresses, and we can’t get enough! We find that it’s best to let the dress or jumpsuit do the talking, using minimal, or only complementary accessories in solid colours.

It’s important to know the size of your choice of floral – you don’t want to end up with too small a print all over the place, for fear of looking like a row of Aunt Petunia’s prize petunias. We find it’s safer to choose bigger, high quality floral prints. And if you not looking to go full-on floral immediately, bringing that pop of characteristic colour into your look is a breeze – we’ve got court shoe stiletto heels in bright base colours that bring a chic look to life with effortless charm! For that boho touch? A floral scarf, casually draped around your neck or tied on your head can open up a solid-coloured jumpsuit ensemble to new possibility.

Floral is so in-season right now, so to wear it as the main attraction or just touches of it here and there, can liven up your look and an entire room. Floral is not just a look, it’s an entire attitude – you’ve probably realised this already. As a welcome added feature, it brings all of this into your life without the allergies.


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