Clearly Fab.

Who would have ever thought that Perspex could turn into a fashion trend? Who could have seen that coming, am I right? Okay, enough of that.

Well, look at it this way. It’s hyper-modern, futuristic, and completely unexpected! Then again, look at where we are. It’s 2019, and everything is modern, futuristic, and let’s not even get into all the unexpected events that have been happening.

Here’s the thing, though, the Perspex trend that’s made its way from the runway and into our wardrobe, shows its presence in accessories like bags and shoes.
So, where’d it come from? Let’s take a look at some of today’s trends that have come straight out of nostalgia and back into our lives. There’s the denim trend, as well as the block heel, that demonstrate that cyclical nature of trends.

Maybe this Perspex trend is a hyper-modern reincarnation of our obsession with jelly shoes! Remember those?
Perspex has upgraded – the look has been polished, refined, and made to shine! It’s a reformed version of its seedy strip club days, and oh my, has the look risen! The catwalk models of the Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Weeks were seen to flaunt Perspex with see-through shoes, coats, bags, and even hats.



We agree, runway trends aren’t the easiest to pull off in real life, because we’re aesthetic and practical beings, unfortunately. Here’s the thing, you’ve got to ease into Perspex. No one said anything about going all Perspex, all day, all transparent. Although, maybe some of you do need to be more transparent live more clutter-free lives, but anyway.

Perspex and its invisible looks go with everything! It might be easy for us to say, but give it a try and you’ll see. They’re remarkably adaptable, as Chanel demonstrated with Perspex hats, boots, and stiletto heels. Burberry showcased its contemporary appeal, bringing Perspex’s hyper-mod qualities to the fore, with plastic blouses and even sports jackets!

The see-through look took off locally, too, with stores like The Fix unpacking a variety of Perspex heels, from block heels to stilettos and everything in-between



Among our beloved celebs, many have been spotted sporting see-through accessories on the red carpet, this season.  A clear clutch was a firm favourite during this awards’ season, while Elisabeth Moss, Bella Throne, and Rihanna flaunted transparent, boxy, Perspex handbags.
And, as we’ve come to understand, when the trend has filtered down the catwalk, through to celebrities, it’s not long before the high street embraces it. Now, Perspex is visible at almost every retailer near us.




Handbags and shoes are the best part of a gal’s squad, so that Perspex handbag touch is a hot complement to clear shoes. The hottest thing right now is still the clear heels! Perspex is a trend that’s here to stay – it’s effortless chic and works with almost everything in your wardrobe. The strappy sandal look, or laced-up heel gets a glow up from being Perspex, since the variety of textures and colours add that experimental-chic touch to keep your outfit at unbelievable levels of exquisite!

Whether they’re paired with your favourite pair of skinnies, or the all-time little black dress on a night out, Perspex heels are a fierce choice for any ensemble. The Perspex touch in shoes makes a killer statement, and it’s proven itself with clear mules, stilettos, and block heels. Crystal clear shoes are possibly one of the best ways to get into the trend.

Bags and heels as clear as these aren’t for the faint of heart! They say that fortune favours the bold, so what better way to earn your fortune than taking those bold steps in super-chic, clear Perspex. And with the perfect accompanying handbag, you’ll be launching your style with a hyper-modern, super vogue aesthetic. Immerse yourself into the trend when you visit our Perspex range here


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