Printed Potential

The Veil Parts on Printed Scarves

Yas, Queen!

What is it with scarves that we get excited about? Is it the fact that they provide a charming, finished touch to anything we wear? They tend to give off a super chic vibe or a roguish touch, and what we find best about them is just how versatile they are! And look, we’re not just talking about seasonal versatility here – because scarves in the warmer months are a punch of panache – but also the fact that you can wear them around your neck, over your hair, or as bandanas and sarongs.

When you think about it, a scarf is really just a long piece of fabric. But it’s more than that – scarves may or not be infused with some sort of style-magic, but that can’t be verified. History points to Queen Nefertiti as one of the first to have been recorded wearing a scarf as we’d know it – she wove it tightly around her head and topped it with a conical headdress. That was in Egypt in 1350 BC, so the style-magic might hold some water. We’re holding back a loud “Yas, Queen!” Over the years, scarves were used to denote military ranking, for example, but later,designers saw the patterns and fabrics that were emanating from India at the time and the aesthetic of society was transformed!

Even They Were Around Back Then?

French fashion house, Hermes, brought scarves together with prints as early as 1837, and they really haven’t waned in popularity since, have they? At the same time, Queen Victoria was making the shawl popular as an accessory. Variety. Yet, as with the floral look, the Industrial Revolution made it that much easier to get gorgeous prints out on fabric, and printed scarves became high fashion and art.

Tie Your Knot

And since the intricate and elaborate patterned scarves came out of the East and evolved into a fashion piece in the West, it’s that blend of cultures and civilisations that makes us love the effect it’s got on our look so much! Hermes hit back over a century and a half later, allowing the printed scarf to make a welcome return! An effortless drape brings a spellbinding, enchanting look to a clean ensemble, while a structured knot brings a balance of authority and finesse.

Tie the printed scarf in an oversized front triangle around the neck for when the weather begins to get a bit chilly. It’s simple – place your scarf of choice over your chest, at the front, and take the ends around to tie at the back of the neck. It provides edgy elegance across the board, especially with a shirt and jacket or a more boho aesthetic.

Speaking of boho, a strong bohemian vibe is easy to acquire with a printed scarf – fold a square scarf into a triangle and simply put it over your head, tying the ends at the back. It’s an effortless choice for when you feeling that chilled, weekend mood and laid-back, definitive style.
And yet, the very same scarf worn on the head, brings another level of refinement and polish when worn in one of the hijab styles, or a more elaborately knotted turban.

Universal Versatility

While Kate Beckinsale was spotted with the rather effortless chic look of a pashmina draped over her shoulders, she radiated with her choice of playful print combined with the timeless class of satin trousers and pink stilettos.

Blake Lively, however, went bolder with the double-layered scarf, incorporating colourful geometric prints into a warm, sophisticated winter look with a coat and Oxford shoes. 


The scarf allows for variety and switching up your look, and combined with prints, the possibilities are infinite! The printed scarf trend has won us over with its versatility and adaptability – it can enhance the look of any ensemble, from any culture. Universal splendour. Enhance your look today when you shop our range of scarves here

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