Strutting and Slaying

Strutting and Slaying

These boots are made for so much more than just walking.

Autumn’s officially hit and you know what that means, don’t you? Its boots season once again! For some of us, we wore boots all this time, but that speaks to another set of issues. Anyways, what’s important is that the boot trend this season is back and the trends have changed a little, this time around – the ankle boot takes the spotlight. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to pull out your staple pairs that serve you so well every autumn and winter, but an addition or two to your collection won’t hurt.

Victorian Vivacity

History repeats itself – this is fabulous when hot looks come back better than ever. This time, we’re talking about the Victorian-era aesthetic. Making a comeback in ways across the board, this throwback look is most pronounced when it comes to boots. The ankle boot itself is the only type of boot that has been continuously popular since the 19th century, and with the varied lengths that you find them in, the ability to lace them up or zip them up, we totally understand why!
The Victorian-era ankle boot aesthetic features lace-ups for the most part, bringing back a very enchanting look with in patent leather (or with patent accents) which works amazingly whether you favour a bohemian aesthetic or a punk, and even gothic touch to your rocker chic.

Seamless and Sleek

While the Victorian look is exudes that charming appeal right now, the sock boot still continues to rise and dominate the scene! Merging two beloved looks in footwear – the stiletto and the ankle boot – there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be the case. Contemporary materials and techniques allow for that micro-knit, woven upper to be seamless. It’s a characteristic kind of glam that welcomes variation in structure and material, from block heels to satin uppers Floral prints and patterns have begun to emblazon the uppers of the sock boot lately, and we’re head over heels over this look!

Allow this boot to add colour to a pattern that’s more neutral, while matching them with your sunnies, while a somewhat slouchy denim jacket over a refined skirt and button-down teams up amazingly with a pair of sock boots! Similarly, Victoria Beckham, matches her eye-wear and her boots and streamlines that jumpsuit ensemble.

Far-from-plain Jane

And then there’s the old rustic favourite, everybody’s favourite – the cowboy boot. There’s just something about this look, that when paired with a pair of stonewashed jeans, gives you that sense of being a badass! The cowboy boot works with a variety of touches, from intricate stitching featuring on the toe or croc-skin textured uppers. Pairing these with fringed shirts or prairie dresses fits the theme well – or a glam cowgirl aesthetic like Lady Gaga does –but make sure you’ve got a neutral mod touch to break it up.

Ankle boots are trending hard, having experienced a glow up in every aspect and style, while retaining their versatile and easy-going nature that makes us love them so much. Thing is, we’ve got to understand that we can’t do without their longer cousins – knee-highs and thigh-highs are just as close to our hearts! This autumn, the ankle boot shines, but we’ll switch up our looks with something longer when winter sets in - be prepped this season with our selection of womens boots available here