The chunky heel edition

The Block Heel – Vogue and Versatile

In this era of the throwback, the block heel has been brought back into the now! Fashion’s bringing popular trends back and we couldn’t be any happier!

For one, the block heel travelled in time from the 90s to grace us again with their presence, and secondly, they’re just so hot and give us so much to work with! Variety and potential is always welcome – you know that as well as we do.


The Edge

While the stiletto has that iconic, all-time classy vibe going for it, we tend to see the block heel as its edgier sister.
We love stilettos, but have you tried walking for a day in a pair? The block heel offers comfort and refuses to sacrifice style. We’re in love with this kind of universal balance.
But hey, if there’s a war that rages between the stiletto and the block heel, we say let it rage – it brings out the heat in both of them!

The revival of the block heel comes in just as we see women move to more comfortable shoes. Perhaps it’s a style revolution, where the realisation that all-day comfort and hot looks don’t have to be separate things!

 The Celebs Who Love Them

Look, if the queen of towering stilettos herself, Victoria Beckham, makes it clear that the block heel is a must-have for your wardrobe.Needless to say, jaws dropped, questions were asked, and research was done. In short, we took notice. We all know that her word is style gospel, especially with her glorious history in heels.

Sienna Miller wears them very differently to Posh Spice, working the bold block heel into her characteristic Bohemian aesthetic while out and about on a daily adventure.

From Boho to country, the block heel adapts to Taylor Swift’s country-chic look, giving that refined touch to a boot-like upper.

Popstar counterpart, Solange, takes our award for Queen of the Block Heel! She’s proven time and time again the versatility of the look and how adaptable it is – and not just for the everyday, but for embodying glam at awards shows and the like, with block heels in a range of styles and colours.

Brands like Billini understand, as Solange does, the range of the block heel and chooses to showcase its looks, from peep-toes to sharp and pointy toes in both classic and daring fabrics and textures.



All Day, Every Day

Bridging the gap between flats and high heels, you’ve even got the low block heel to rock to the mall or a daytime wedding, when the mood’s little more chilled.

And when you’re on your way to slay, the platform block heel is at your service – tons of style bloggers and influencers have been repping this look, and for good reason! They’re there to give you that height boost with the added plus of not worrying about tipping over while you’re keeping that dance floor lit.

They’re not called the “going-out heel” for nothing, darling.

Strutting your stuff has never been easier. So, yes, strut – and don’t ever make excuses for it. Stop making excuses and check out our Chunky Heel Collection Now

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