The Chunky Sneaker Is Back

We’ve grown up with this kind of sneaker. Seeing these chunky sneakers again gives us this jolt of nostalgia and brings back those carefree childhood days when they were all we wore on the weekends and after school.

They were practical, comfortable, and took us through thick and thin! But hey, guess what? The 90s is experiencing a full-on revival right now, with chunky sneakers leading the charge, and we’re absolutely loving the blaze that it’s creating right now!

What’s happening? Retro rocks, that’s what’s happening. We love it – it gives us the chance to bring back some of the highlights of the wild 90s and carry that spirit with us. They keep letting us know about our millenial status, don’t they? Well, we’ll make sure they remember it!

So, what does a chunky sneaker look like and why do we love it so much? Firstly, they’re unbelievably comfortable!

That comfort factor is because of the thick, chunky soles (yes, this is one of the main reasons that they’re called “chunky sneakers”) and that very 90s padded collar and tongue. These factors, combined with the wider cut of the shoe and breathable upper, result in a pair of kicks that we don’t want to take off. We love nostalgia and we love comfort, what can we say?

The chunky sneaker is conquering catwalks everywhere, with trendsetters making a statement with them in various ensembles – yes, even with formal looks! Smart casual becomes slaying casual when you lace up a pair.

When Louis Vuitton showcased the hot looks, they were some of their fastest-selling items in 2017. So, naturally, Balenciaga were hot on their heels, releasing their own version of the chunky sneaker, the Triple S. Celebs, like Bella Hadid and Tracee Ellis Ross were at the fore, seen to be donning a pair back in 2017, and the the ever-trendy Kardashian sisters were not far behind. Classic brands like Nike, New Balance and Fila boomed again in 2018

Mzansi’s very own brands got behind the look, too, bringing us sleek and stylish, yet flashy, chunky booster sneakers. Chunky sneakers couple aesthetics and comfort, upping your hashtag lifestyle all-round. They’ll also give you a low-key height boost without having to wear heels, if you need that sort of thing. All in all, you’ll be Insta-friendly and keep from being victimised by shadowy fashion police.

(TomTom - Beige Ladies Booster)


Clearly, it’s chunky fever and it’s heating up the world of fashion! Recently, we’ve seen a return to foot-friendly styles and the chunky sneaker rises from the 90s with its comfort and great looks.

Whether you’re living the trend of chunky sneakers or you’re the buzzkill that despises it, there is no denying that it has totally dominated the sneaker scene.

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