Never Doubt Denim

Never Doubt Denim

The Everyday Hero

Different strokes for different folks, they say. And yet, there’s one thing you’re sure to find in everyone’s wardrobe – an item of denim clothing. It may just be a single pair of jeans, that relic of rebellious youth, or it may be someone’s everyday choice in any variation you can imagine!

Why on earth not? Options available in denim are endless and fit any occasion. Dress down and go rough-casual with a 90s grunge aesthetic and your favourite rocker t-shirt, while skinny jeans have become the reigning champion in fashion, and not just because they make our butts look fantastic.

Roaring Denim

Even though we’ve all got something denim that we love or we haven’t looked at in years, denim’s as versatile as it gets and we know it! Most of us can wear a pair of denim jeans every day, but we also know a few people who wear them only for their comfy, durable qualities. Yes, jeans were created in 1858 by Levi Strauss to be long-lasting, work gear, but haven’t we moved on as a society from such a narrow-minded view?

It’s not that we look down on those people, it’s just that we don’t appreciate the denim disrespect! Why relegate a great to that when you can glam up for a smart-casual, glitzy event with a denim jacket over a crop top and block heels?

Denim does anything – from trousers and jackets to shirts and even dresses!

How did we get from work gear to denim-clad stiletto heels? Denim is subversive, that’s why! Since it started out as a work gear, it represented the working class. It became seen as the people’s material, becoming an icon against the ruling and becoming associated with the power of the people. And that’s exactly what it is – power.

And what’s more powerfully iconic than Elvis Presley, 50s rock and roll icon? We’ll tell you – it’s Elvis Presley in double denim; rocking a denim shirt and good old jeans!

The Essential Icon

Denim rages! Society can’t push it away, but why would we want to? From Elvis in the 50s, we’ve come full circle, with Rihanna going Double D (that stands for Double Denim, guys) with a longer, tunic-style denim shirt and rolled up cuffs, along with classic jeans, ripped at the knee.

And then came Beyonce in all her glory, winning hands-down when she conquered Instagram with a triple denim look that highlighted Her Highness’ physique! Distressed blue jeans, a lighter-coloured chambray shirt, and denim boots.

Queen B rocked the denim dress, too, as did Kourtney Kardashian, who’s been spotted multiple times owning different denim dress looks. It’s the versatility, combined with that timeless style that has won our hearts, and it’s even illustrated among denim dresses.
It’s all up to you and how you work it, so switch it up and make the denim dress your own – whether it’s tight, buttoned, short, long, or slouchy.

So, here we are. What started out as clothing for working folk is being showcased down catwalks all over the world, whether it’s a practical or more conceptual fashion aesthetic! Denim is essential. It’s a cultural icon. It’s ubiquitous. It’s ours.

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