The sensible guide to keeping you sane this winter

The struggle is real.

So the verdict’s out and we can’t agree more with the conclusion – winter has finally arrived.

There’s an abundance of reassuring quotes or images to keep one motivated during the winter when the comfort food is at its all time highest and the gym seems like a few too many frosted car windows away.

We’re all for the enthusiasm! (Or is it veiled desperation?) We applaud every inspirational individual out there with the will power to go out and work towards their ultimate goal – from sticking to your diet or keeping to that exercise routine. You go on with your bad self! Planet54 is 100% behind you!

However, we can’t deny that the daily struggle is real and some days are harder than others. The fight gets exponentially more difficult between that internal lean machine and your tendency to order a large pizza & shop online the entire day.

 As much as we love hearing success stories about creating that #summerbodyhappensinwinterlook – Planet54 has created a realistic guide to help everyone get through the chilly season within mind, body, spirit and, ofcourse, style!


So let’s get to the real talk: A Guide to keep you sane this winter:

1. LAYERS! These aren’t to be trifled with.

Let’s avoid having a complete meltdown this winter when the days are darker and your coat or jacket needs a style upgrade. So what exactly is the criteria for the PERFECT layer? Waterproof? Long enough to keep you warm? Not too long, of course –you don’t want to  look like an extra out of the Matrix films (there’s no source code to fix that!)

We find keeping it simple and sleek this winter is always a winner – from dark hues of burgundy to making a statement with black blazers & layered cardigans. 

Play with your layers in a combination of black, white, and camel and you won’t ever go wrong.

 2. Slay Like Only a Badass Can!

Yes – we said it. Embrace your rebel-chic side with a combination of leather, thigh high boots and a look that says, “I’ve got this” – even if the winter is biting at your ankles – this look will definitely bite back!

Don’t be afraid to go with the pointed-toe choice in boots – They give you the illusion of being taller by elongating your legs and injecting an edgier style into your every stride!

No badass look is complete without a leather jacket! To achieve sexier bad assery, a cropped biker-inspired leather jacket really picks up a simple skinny-jeans and boots combo.

 3. Back to Basics without Being Basic: A Fine Line

Between finding the perfect coat or thigh-high boots to give you that boost in the morning, it’s also never too late or clearly, too cold, to hook yourself up with a hooded pull over and a pair of ankle boots.

The plus side? Basic is back! Rock your track pants with a pair of sock boots or get your glam on with a sequinned jacket – we’re loving all these ideas right now!

Also, what’s more basic than a beanie? Find that perfectly fitting beanie to match your coat. Or, if you’d like to kick it up a few notches, a brimmed hat will vogue up your look like nothing else!

4. Scarves – Effortless Chic

Achieve effortless chic with a nonchalantly placed scarf tied around your neck. What’s more, there are countless ways to tie them. Look, if tying them is too much of an effort and you’re late (as usual), then just drape, darling.

If the winter is mild and only a scarf can add that chic touch to your look, opt for a silk scarf instead of wool! It will still provide the warmth and neck coverage that you need without suffocating you like your previous boyfriend. 

5. Avoid giving into cabin fever!

Cabin fever has hit – What do you do now?

Get a hobby, that’s what!

Remember board games? Strengthen that social game again instead of looking at a screen.

We’re all for Netflix and chill, but have you tried calling your crush over on a chilly evening and bringing out that game of Twister? Spin the dial and who knows what position you’ll find yourself in!

You’re trying to escape the clasp of a feverish cabin – you live in SA – it’s always a good time to have a braai.

What’s better than a braai? You’ve got good food, drinks, the great outdoors, and fire!
Make sure you’ve got your style game on point (check out our casual-chic winter wear options) while staying warm. If the men insist on making the fire, you just make sure to bring the flames!

6. It ain’t easy to stay away from the cheesy!

You’ve realised that overdosing on cheesy garlic rolls at those braais have become problem, (so have the cheesy jokes that just don’t stop coming).

Try out different sources of comfort food by opting for a healthier alternative. If your craving for chips is taking over your life and you can’t beat it, reach a compromiser with your inner voice and give other vegetable chips a try.

Kale chips are a thing, but you know that already. Or aren’t you a millennial?

7. Find peace in shaking up your gym routine

Mix it up a little, try out new things, challenge yourself! You’ve already been finding comfort in food, so offset that with more activity.

We understand the reluctance to leave the house to go to the gym once you get home (or at all) but there are always ways to get that sweat on! YouTube’s your friend – find a routine to suit you without having to get in the car.

8. Home Shopping

Guys, it’s 2018. Shopping from home doesn’t mean calling a number on TV to buy a vacuum cleaner that’s powerful enough to lift a bowling ball, a set of knives that can cut through aluminium cans, or life cover.

Why do you think Planet54 is around? The malls are already crowded with people who want to go out but also avoid the cold. Africa’s Fastest Growing Online Store is here for both your well-thought purchases, and those impulse ones you make late at night.

9. Motivate yourself with small victories
From finding the best jacket for a shockingly beautiful price to picking salad over pizza, these small victories are going to keep you going strong!

Set goals and achieve them. As difficult as it might be at first, it will become easier to do and feel even better when you accomplish them.

We sound like a personal power video, we know, but think of the long term!

So, don’t let the lack of warmth stop you from being the best you (we’re doing it again and we’re sorry). Winter can be fun, especially when you realise that you can put together that layered wardrobe you’ve been fantasising about and knew you’d slay in!

Play with layers and kick ass in killer boots – post that Outfit of the Day pic (don’t forget to tag us!) and who knows, you can eventually become a social media winter style influencer before you know it.

10. Just don’t end up in a position where you have to post a teary, smudged-eyeliner apology video.









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