Earn an income and become one of South Africa's number one E-Retailers with Planet54.com

We dig this country. South Africans are a cool bunch with a wealth of ideas and a unique mindset. We’ve had revolutions and World Cups and we deal with a lot on a daily basis. It’s shaped us and made us who we are. Without sounding like an insurance advert, we’re going to tell you where this is leading.

A country is nothing without its people – we’re all about that crazy South African energy that sparks creativity and draws from unmatched talent. It manifests in determination, ambition, generosity, and style. We love that combination, and South Africans in the digital age show it to us through their online presence!

Planet54 wants to reward the online business initiatives taken on by young South Africans and their feisty spirit! We’re launching an e-Retailer Entrepreneurship Programme that helps us to find you guys and take your creativity and success to the next level.

It’s about empowerment – digital online enterprises can be a daunting landscape to navigate if you’re young and brimming with ideas. We’d like to give you the support you need to take that potential and launch it towards the stars!

The e-Retailer Entrepreneurship Programme wants to take budding entrepreneurs further, providing support and incentives to keep doing the amazing things you do and to always push forward. You can beat the odds. We’ll help you.

Be the first to have an offer on the brand new products discounted. We will offer all E-Retailers a special incentive when making purchases at Planet54 in order to add value.

Distribution networks have been setup around South Africa and into Africa for a wide range of customers. Sell around 10 000 products from one device and have the products delivered to your customers door directly. No hassle.

Earn an income through our shared revenue model. Sell products from Planet54 and become a leading E-Retailer in the market. Offering consumers a wide range of products at the best prices.
Earn rewards and unlock special discounts with our E-Retailer Tie-ring program.

Email: eretailer@planet54.com to apply
Contact: 031-5792454