4K UHD Action Camera - White


  • R 849.00

Whether you're out being the most extreme version of yourself that you can be, or you're planning to make that alternate, point-of-view ASMR video that will go viral, this 4K camera will record every step, turn, flip, and sound. From whichever walk of life you're from, we're sure it's a life worth documenting, and with a water resistance of 30 metres, just take the plunge and do it. They won't believe what happens next.

Brand: Nuclear
Colour: White
32GB Micro SD Card with adapter included
16 MP
4K, 30FPS
Detachable Battery
Accessories: Waterproof case, waterproof case bracket, waterproof case clip, bike bracket, multifunction clip, camera clip, helmet seat, bandages, cleaning cloth, power adapter, #M stickers, USB cable, bracket adapter.
Item Code: MS003425/PL308

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