Coffee Protein Cookies - Black

Muscle Chef

R 40.00
It’s the protein store inside the cookie.

MuscleCheff is a high-protein baked cookie that keeps you healthy throughout the day with coffee and you can keep your energy at bay. Coffee contains caffeine, niacin, microelements and antioxidants to accelerate your metabolism. At the same time, coffee, which promotes blood circulation, helps strengthen your immune system and help you collect your attention each and every time. MuscleCheff combines coffee with a 25 g protein value to help you get fit and fit in one of the most delicious ways, while helping you stay fit without feeling hungry with a high fiber ratio.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Peas Protein, Whole Wheat Flour, Herbal Oil, Milk Protein, Cacao, Egg, Chia, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia
Contains Gluten and Egg. Free Aspartam. No Transfat. Halal Food. Store products in a cool and dry place.

Brand: Muscle Chef
Colour: Black
Item Code: MS019100/MC Cookies