Vanilla Protein Cookies - Beige

Muscle Chef

R 40.00
Mix your daily protein needs with vanilla, snack well.

With MuscleCheff’s high-protein vanilla cookie, protect your form without being hungry. When you eat healthy, we combine vanilla to strengthen your immune system and protein that will keep you fit all day long. We use our high fiber ratio in our products to keep you warm throughout the day and protect your ideal form without hunger. We have developed a product that is friendly to sugar and high blood pressure patients by taking Stevia, a non-calorie sugar plant. We decided to use vanilla, which thrilled the volunteers with the influence of aphrodisiac, because it is effective in the strengthening of your nervous system. We plan to make sure that all of these are healthy and fit, and that you can feel safe and jump.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Peas Protein, Whole Wheat Flour, Herbal Oil, Milk Protein, Cacao, Egg, Chia, Potassium Sorbate, Stevia
Contains Gluten and Egg. Free Aspartam. No Transfat. Halal Food. Store products in a cool and dry place.

Brand: Muscle Chef
Colour: Beige
Item Code: MS019102/MC Cookies